How to create a 'mini lister' button?

I need a button that will ...

  1. resize my Lister to a smaller size,
  2. load a smaller toolbar than the big one I use on my default lister.

The goal is to have a button that will resize the lister to a 'mini lister' when I'm working with another application and am short on screen real estate. I've looked at layouts but they also save the current directory. So when the button is pressed, a new window appears showing the directory that was used when the layout was saved. But I'm just trying to apply the window size, position, and toolbar to whatever directory I'm currently surfing in.


Use the Go command with the LAYOUT argument to open a specific folder in a saved layout. Or, use the Prefs LAYOUTTHISLISTER command to apply a saved layout to the current Lister.

I've been trying the Prefs route... finally got the LAYOUTTHISLISTER=size to work. Thanks.