How to create a New File on desktop

Unless I'm going crazy I'm sure I used to be able to create a new folder by right-clicking on the the desktop and selecting New Folder. At present that option is not displayed. How do I restore it? (Sorry if this is a stupid question from a bit of a novice!).

I know I can get a new folder by opening a lister, navigating to Desktop and right-clicking but I want to avoid that procedure if possible.

You mean on the Windows Desktop, not when viewing the Desktop folder inside an Opus window?

That still works the same as it used to on all my machines, but the Windows Desktop isn't part of Opus either.

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This is missing?

Seems to be a Windows thing, and you are not alone



Yes, I mean the Windows Desktop. I have the "double-click on desktop" option activated to open Directory Opus listers. I therefore assumed it was a DOpus problem but, you're probably right , it may be a Windows problem.



A long-term user, true, but in terms of my knowledge of the nuts and bolts of DOpus I'm still very green!

That option doesn't affect what's in the desktop's right-click menu. Opus can add things to that menu, but it doesn't take away any other things like the New > Folder item. That's part of Windows.