How to create such menu button?

Hello All,

I'm trying to create a Flat View menu button as follows:

  • The menu button has a Flat View toggle function (Set FLATVIEW=toggle)
  • The menu items have the available Flat View modes as in the image below

I use it as follows:

  • I click the menu button to enable Flat View
  • If I want to change the mode, I select it from the drop-down menu
  • I click the menu button again to disable Flat View.

The problem is clicking the toggle button enables the Flat View in Mixed mode by default, how can I make it default to MixedNoFolders?

I tried using (Set FLATVIEW=toggle,fixednofolders) for the button function and it defaults ok, but if I change the mode from a menu item, the toggle state of the button changes and I can't click it again to disble Flat View.



Thankyou for this button.
I'm replacing my flatview button with yours.
It works fine on my Vista system.

OK, I press the Set Flatview=toggle,fixednofolders and I see what you see.
It works fine.
OK, I choose either Group or Mixed from the menu.
Choosing No Folders exits the Flat View.

I press the button again and I'm back at No Folders.
I press the button agan and I exit Flat View.
This works always.
Choosing Mixed after Group, for instance, has no ill effect.
Two button clicks later it exits Flat View.

If I choose No Folders after a switch in menu options, the next button click exits Flat Vew.

If I choose NoFolders without entering Flat Vew from the button click,
the next click exits Flat View.

It works great here.
Are you on XP?
I don't have an XP system.
Perhaps this is a bug with Dopus on XP?


You'd have to click the button twice.

When you click a button with FLATVIEW=toggle,mixednofolders Opus says to itself, "Am I already in flat-mixed-no-folders mode?":[ul][li]If it is already in that mode then Opus turns off Flat View;[/li]
[li]If it isn't already in that mode then Opus changes to that mode.[/li][/ul]The second rule applies when Flat View is off completely and also when Flat View is on but in a different mode.

This, combined with the fact I often switch between the various Flat View modes when I'm using them, is more or less why I opted for a Flat View toolbar after trying a button-menu similar to yours for a while.


[quote]Are you on XP?
I don't have an XP system.
Perhaps this is a bug with Dopus on XP?[/quote]
No, I'm on Vista/Win2K3, and this is not a bug, I get what you describe.
If I have to click once to set state and twice to get the other state, then this toggle button has lost its meaning.


Yes, I see.

Then, the problem is that we have 2 states to work with:

  • Toggling the FlatView state as a whole (on/off)
  • Toggling the different modes when in Flat View

Actually, they work consistently as expected, when the Flat View toggles to the Mixed mode.

So, I see the solution as follows:
The default mode used by the toggle function should be definable rather than hard coded to Mixed.

jon, greg?

Yeah, very handy toolbar (as usual). I think I'll opt for it for now.


In Opus you can now use "toggleoff" instead of "toggle" to make a button which always turns flat-view off, if it's on in any mode, while still specifying the mode that will be used when the same button turns on FlatView. Exactly what was needed, I think.

Full list of changes here: [Directory Opus