How to deativating Opus' Licence?

I have purchased 5 licenses and installed Opus on 3-4 PCs (as far as I remember. I'm not sure).

How can I find out how many licenses are left?
One or two of my PCs are down and I'm planning to replace them with new PCs.
How can I deactivate my OPUS licenses on them and activate it on new PCs?
Is it possible to deactivate all of them and start fresh on new PCs?

thank you.

Uninstalling the program via the normal control panel is all you need to do to remove Opus from a machine.

It's up to you to keep track of how many machines you have installed Opus on. It won't track that for you.

I'll uninstall OPUS from the old PCs and will install it on new ones.
If I face any problem with activating it on new PCs I'll come back here again.

Million thanks.