How to disable backslash go menu?

When you press backslash in a regular lister it opens this Go menu dropdown with some commonly visited paths. I find I always fat finger and press this on accident when I meant to press Enter, and would like to disable it. However, I can't find the key for this in the Keys menu, and google hasn't helped me. How can I toggle this off?

You can turn it off, but you'll lose the ability to type a path directly into the file display (without pushing a hotkey key first).

At the bottom of Preferences / File Displays / FAYT and Filter Bar Keys, set the default mode to None.

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Oh poop, I just figured out what you meant. You can't easily go to a file by just typing its name if you disable that option huh. That's definitely a problem for me, as I use that constantly.

Is there no way to keep it on Find mode but disable just the backslash? :x

You could bind the key you push by accident to a hotkey which doesn’t do anything, as another way to solve the problem.

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