How to disable Confirm Delete File dialog?

I've been using Directory Opus on my desktop and just installed it on my laptop. I exported my settings from my desktop computer and imported them on my laptop, but when I delete files on my laptop the Confirm Delete File dialog pops up (even though it doesn't on my desktop).

In Recycle Bin properties I have "display delete confirmation dialog?" unchecked, and in Directory Opus' Settings->Preferences->File Operations->Delete Files I have "Ask for confirmation before commencing delete" checked, then nested under it "skip confirmation when deleting to the Recycle Bin" checked, and lastly "Delete to Recycle Bin where possible" checked. All of the other options on that page are unchecked.

Why is the behavior difference on my laptop, and how do I stop the confirmation box from popping up?

There are a few different delete confirmation dialogs which may be appearing, some from Opus and some from WIndows itself.

Could you post a screenshot of the one you're seeing and want to get rid of?

Out of the blue the dialog just stopped showing up :-/

I hard restarted the computer multiple times and nothing changed, but as of this morning the confirmation dialog doesn't come up when I delete files. I don't know why it would suddenly start working without me changing anything, but whatever!


What happens, if you delete small files? If the file you delete is too large for your recycle bin, then the confirmation dialog doesn't show up, if i remember correctly. That could be the reason.