How to disconnect from a FTP site?

Hello to everyone,

Maybe I missed something evident but I just upgrade my Dopus license to be able to use SFTP and while I'm connected to a remote site, I don't find any action to permit the disconnect from it ?

Any help appreciated
best regards from France

You may find that closing the tab or changing the file display location to something other than FTP connection, will close it. Well that is what the FTP Logs show.

Thanks for having taken the time to answer

For a SFTP site I connect to, I've chosen the ask for a password on connect

When I start the connection, it works (password dialog box) and I can see the SFT site with the corresponding folders
then, I select another local directory on my computer I have the "Connection closed" in the ftp log
If I click again on ftp site I connected previously, it does not ask for a password and connect directly.
If I wait long enough, I get the password dialog box again !
It looks strange to me

The password is cached in memory for a few minutes, otherwise there would be lots of annoying password prompts when changing back & forth between folders, or when navigating via the folder tree.

If you want to instantly clear the cache, use File > Exit Directory Opus. Otherwise, you don't usually need to worry about it.

Understood !
Jean Claude