How to display a different back colour depending on Filetype

Is it possible to highlight a file/files in a lister by changing it's background colour depending on its filetype? I'm sure this option used to be available but I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere now.

In the attached example of what I'm trying to achieve I've manually drawn in the yellow highlight for htm files.

Labels are what you want Prefs / Favorites & recents / File and folder labels.

Thanks for that, I've managed to get that to works except for one small niggle, the background colour chosen doesn't have any effect if a custom colour is chosen for a Field column. Any idea how to extend the background colour to a custom colour Field column?


Maybe an option In Prefs / Display / Display options ?

I thought that, I'm looking at the minute without success.

Preferences / Display / Options / Blend row and column background colors

Doh! Thanks Leo!