How to drag a file up or down without selecting other files?

I've managed to mess up the ability to drag a single file straight up or down without selecting other files along the way (In Power Mode). I want to select one file (and only that file), drag it straight down onto another program's window on the taskbar, or onto a button on my toolbar (Teracopy). I currently have to drag the selected file horizontally a little bit first, then drag it - this is slightly inconvenient, and it sometimes puts Directory Opus into the file rename mode. I've searched the help file, and Googled for the answer, but I can't figure it out. I restored the default configuration, which enabled me to drag a file straight up or down like I want to, but I have no idea which setting to change. Please help?

I think that's how Power Mode always works (having to drag horizontally slightly to start a drag & drop, since dragging up or down is used to select/deselect adjacent files).

If you're used to something different, you were probably using the more standard Details Mode rather than Power Mode.

That was my problem: I was using Power Mode. I switched back to Detail mode and the drag-and-drop problem is gone. Thank you.