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How to edit Tabs


I am using about 20 Folder Tabs
First Tab goes to c:\important\2017
I want to change this to c:\important\2018

Is there an easy way to solve this.
I have this problem since years and it always is a mess
I always end up by deleting the ab and by creating a new one.
Wish this could be done with a simple editor



How are you opening those tabs each time?


Thanks Leo

I am sending you my latest backup (OCB-file)
And a screenshot where you can see my Tabs
I have 10 for left window and 10 for right window
And I have about 50 favorites at the left.
I am using this for easy switching to folders and they are always on.

The red arrow in the jpg shows my problem.
Whan I press that TAB, I go to the 2017 folder.
I want to go to the 2018 folder and I am looking for a way to change this in the TAB properties.
But this is apparently now possible
Hope you can help me out


Jos - Opus Config - 2018-07-09.ocb (513.3 KB)

Jos - Opus Config - 2018-07-09.ocb (513.3 KB)


That doesn't answer my question. :slight_smile:

Which method are you using to open those tabs? (or that window, if the window opens with the tabs already present)

If it's the Default Lister, change the folders the tabs show as desired, then use Settings > Set as Default Lister to save what you have as the new default.

But if it's something else, then you may need to do something else, depending on how you are opening the tabs/window.


Its not working Leo.
I have in total 20 tabs and in 10 of the tabs, I need to replace "2017" by "2018"
I can not edit all 10, nor save them one by one as default lister.

Your program is so awfully configurable, but I don't understand why I can not edit that specific content of the TAB. You have so many menu options for a tabb. Only the edit function does not exist.

The screen that I have send you opens at startup of directory opus.
Tab1 at left and Tab 1 at right are always default
I never close the tabs and I never edit them.
Only once year when I want to go the folder for the new year.
I have a directory structure with fixed names, but under each of the names I have a folder per year.
And I want to go to the new year via the TABS
This works really great.
Modifying the TAB contents is always an issue …



Could it be you are not unlocking the tabs first before changing to the 2018 folder? The tabs also appear to have custom names which means you wouldn't see them switch back to their initial locked folder (2017).

An alternative is to save the tabs as a tab group, which basically has an editor to set the tabs path, lock, etc. This would be a better option because then you will not have to reset all the locks to the new folders. Instead you'd just edit the tab group to change the paths, load that tab group, doing so should reset all the locks for you. Then set as default lister.


Thanks Yonder

Your feedback was very helpful.
It's perhaps not the most convenient solution.
But at least it helped me to solve my problem.

So, you can close the issue.
Thanks a lot for your help


An option I didn't think of until now:

The config files are (almost) all text/xml format, so you can go to the config directory and do a search & replace on (2017) -> (2018) (checking each match makes sense to change, of course), if you need to bulk-edit a very large number of folder tabs, as well as find all the files that reference those paths by searching file content.

It's not something I'd recommend in general, or if you only have a small number of tabs to edit, but it is an option if there is a large number of them. Making a backup just before changing anything is also recommended.

For the config file locations, see here: How to backup or locate your Opus configuration (Simple)