How to edit the viewer context menu?

Specifically I want to add "cut" and "paste" to the viewer context menu for use when I'm editing text files using the source code viewer (scintilla) plugin.



It's up to the plugin to let you do this, although in this case there's probably no need for configuration (allowing you to edit the menu, which is a lot of programming effort) since the two menu items make sense enough to simply be hardcoded.

I've sent RhinoBanga a message to let him know about this thread.

Is he the same guy as James Dickson?

If he tackles that he may as well incorporate "cut" and "delete" as well.


Hi All,

I guess I didn't think of adding them because I use CTRL+C/X/V, etc, naturally.

I'll change the menu and let you know when the new version is available which will either be tonight or tomorrow.

Here you go:

Close DOpus and overwrite your SCV dll with the one on the .rar file.

This implements an "Edit" menu with cut, copy and paste.

Note that there seems to be a bug in v8.1.0.7 where submenu items states are being ignored on subsequent viewings.

For example when you view a read only file I set the cut and paste menu items to be disabled. When you move your mouse over the Edit popup menu they are drawn correctly, however if you move the mouse away, e.g. to the Bookmarks popup, then back to Edit they are all enabled.

I have catered for this in the code so even if you say cut on a read-only file the request will be ignored.

Thanks very much for this Sir! I've always been a heads-up, menu kind of guy rather than a keyboard shortcut guy so this is very useful.

No problem dude.

If there's any more you want let me know.

Out of curiosity though are you seeing the same problem with the edit menu that I am?