How to edit zip/rar archives?

I need to edit files in my zip/rar archives but when I edit it I can't save my changes. It returns old content.
Only if I disable zip and rar support I can edit it in WinRAR.
But can I change my files within Directore Opus?
Program is really great!

If you you send a file inside an archive to another program, Opus extracts the file to the temp folder first (since most other programs don't know how to open files inside archives).

If that other program happens to be an editor, and not just a viewer, then it will be editing a file in your temp folder, which will later be deleted.

To make changes to files within archives, extract the files, make the changes, then copy the files back into the archive.

Thanks for reply, I guess about that.
But in WinRAR I can edit and it saves changes and I'm lookin for to do this way within DirOpus. It seems would be much more convinient than manipulation with extraction and copying.

I would also like to see this feature, otherwise internal archive browsing loses a lot of its potential. Other file managers are able to monitor changes to the temp files and prompt you to repack changed files. WinRAR is also able to do that natively, which is why I was rather surprised to see that I couldn't save any changes when opening rar files in Opus.

By the way, I've also noticed that Opus doesn't always cleanup temp files when I leave the archive, which is a security risk for password-protected archives.

[quote]I would also like to see this feature, otherwise internal archive browsing loses a lot of its potential.[/quote] +1

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Monitoring for changes in temp is done for FTP sites but not archives currently. We may extend it to archives in the future.

Temp files may be cached for a few minutes in case you open the same file again. If the file is still there after you fully exit Opus via File / Exit Directory Opus (do not just close all windows; that isn't enough) then that may be a bug, and is worth reporting in a new thread with details on how to reproduce it. It could also happen because something else still has or had the file open and blocked its deletion, in which case Opus would try to clean it up when run later. Opus periodically looks for old temp files it has made and removes them.

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It wasn't about +1, I've responded to your concern that there is no reliable way to test for file changes, providing a bit more details on how others do that.
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@because something else still has or had the file open and blocked its deletion

That was definitely not the case. I've only opened one text file with a text editor and then closed it, so there was nothing locking it.
I only discovered the file wasn't deleted when I realized my changes weren't saved, checked out the temp folder and realized it had three temp archive folders from the previous times when I opened this text file.
Don't remember how I closed Opus, so can't say for certain it was a bug (at that time I didn't even know Opus didn't clean up temp files right away like other apps do, so wasn't paying attention to this - maybe the files would've been deleted eventually).
Though to me it only matters for password protected archives, that's why I suggested to delete these temp files right away.