How to filter for certain months in a folder?

Is it possible? For example, i want to show only folders from january to march, independently of the year. I would like to filter out photo sessions from various seasons.

Would a way to get a list of folders using the Find Files tool work for what you need?

I think that should be possible (maybe requiring a simple script column to get the month on its own, but I can write that for you).

I don´t know, if this could be helpful for this topic, but some nice guy from the forums here already wrote some code to search for stuff in the descriptions:

var cmd = DOpus.Create.Command
var keyword = DOpus.Dlg.GetString("Suchbegriff eingeben:");
keyword = keyword.toUpperCase()
var jsFilter = ""+
   "var tagstring = '';"+
      "if (item.is_dir == true){ "+
      "var desc = new String(item.metadata.other.usercomment);"+
                  "if (desc.toUpperCase().indexOf('"+keyword+"')!=-1) return false; /*do not filter*/"+
        cmd.RunCommand('Delete coll://OrdnerTags REMOVECOLLECTION=auto QUIET')
          cmd.RunCommand('SelectEx LINEAR '+
                    'JSFILTER="'+jsFilter+'" '+
                     'ITEMCOUNT=10000 '+
                 'COPYTOCOLL=OrdnerTags '+
               'COMMANDS=Go coll://OrdnerTags')

Maybe it can be slightly modified for certain other date data, tags or keywords?

Here's a column that shows just the month, which you can use to sort or search on:

Thanks, i will check it out later. I did a quick test & found, that "month modified" is not the right thing. I mostly have photo folders, where the month modified diverts from the month, tha folder (= session) was actually created. Like month count=4, but it's from september. I will try the other solution later.

Ok, i have looked into the filter part. That is way too much action every time i want to filter stuff, applying changes to the filters somwehere deep in the preferences. Sighting the folders, then dragging them into a collection would be just as quick, i think. I hope, this will be improved in a future version, including possibilities to search for things like ISO, focallength, exposure times, stuff like that, too.

But regarding the seasons filters, i think making four filters wouldn't be too much work, as long it only filters out the seasons photo sessions. The only thing still is, that it would only work with the created date, instead of modified.