How to 'Forget' RAR Password?

I've encrypted and password protected a .rar file and put it on a computer that does not have WinRAR installed on it. I'm able to open it with the default zip file handler using the known password from Dopus ( with no problem. However, when I exit and re-enter Dopus, the file comes up without having to enter the password.

For security sake, I would expect that when the file is exited the password would be required to re-open it. Or at least that's what I would want to happen. Since that's not happening in my case, is there a way to alter that behavior? Or less desirably, maybe clear the cache containing the password?

Are you just closing the window, and not fully exiting Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus)?

If so, that explains it. The password will be cached in memory for approximately 2 minutes after the archive was last used, and fully exiting Opus will cause it to be forgotten instantly.

Bingo! That's exactly what's happening. I'm really happy with the two minute timeout so I don't burden the user with the additional step of having to explicitly exit.

Thanks a million for the speedy solution.