How to freeze folder tree

I am copying files to a folder one by one from a folder on the right side to a folder on the folder tree on the left side.
How can I freeze the folder tree (like Windows Explorer does)?
Every time a new file arrives in the folder on the right side, the folder tree resets to the top, which is irritating because I have to scroll the folder tree again to the bottom. I trued using the LOCK button and that didn't help.

The tree shouldn't be doing that, especially not for files (rather than folders) which would not normally affect the tree at all (unless they are archives, at least).

Which version of Opus are you seeing this on?

Can you tell us any other details about what's happening?

Some screenshots of the whole window before and after the tree jumps might help understand what's happening and why.

Version 12.21 x64
I have my downloads directory on the right
On the left in the folder tree I have it scrolled way down where I am storing files in a specific folder on another drive.
I have a program that is creating files and putting them in the downloads directory.
Every time a new file shows up in the downloads directory, the folder list resets to the top where the downloads folder is highlighted.

Could we see some screenshots? They might reveal something we haven't thought to ask about.

Also, please post screenshots of the Preferences pages under Settings > Preferences / Folder Tree.

If it is on, try turning off Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Position selected item in the middle of the tree in case that is involved.

I think turning off AUTOMATICALLY EXPAND TO CURRENT FOLDER may have solved the problem. I will run with that for a bit.