How To Get Column Widths To Stick?

On my laptop, I am having trouble getting the column widths to stick in any music folder.
I am sure there must be an easy way to do it, but I've been fighting with it for a long time.
I don't like having to horizontal scroll, so I would like to specify the column widths and get them to stick.

Surely I should be able to simply adjust them how I like them then saving it for all music listers.

Thanks for the help.

This should contain everything you need to know:

I use Path Formats rather than Content Type Formats, but that's just personal preference.

Hi lxp.
Thanks for your reply.

The problem I am having with my music folders is that I have numerous different ones.
I have a folder structure like this.

Music > Artist > Album

So getting a generic music folder to stick is my trouble.
I want the same columns and column widths in ALL music folders.

I see in the folder formats guide there is an option: For This Folder and All Sub-Folders.
But that won't work as there will be no sub-folders below Music > Artist > Album.

By the way. I don't have the drop down on the Save button as depicted in the guide.

You can create Wildcard formats in Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats. That can be used to apply a format to all folders under a folder (or two levels under a folder, or whatever you want) without affecting the folder itself.

Hi Leo.

Before I try messing with wildcards, can I just ask this?
Is it not as simple as adjusting the column widths to how I want, then saving it for ALL music folders?

What do you mean by "all music folders"? How are you defining what a music folder is?

Directory Opus automatically decides that it is a music folder, hence the music columns.
Album, Artist, Year, Track, Duration.

That would be the Music format under Content Types, in the same Preferences page I mentioned. (Content Type detection is off by default, but must be on if that's being used automatically.)

Where do I find the content type detection settings?
I like how it does it though. I just wish I could get the columns to stick for all folders of a particular content type. I'll have a look at what you mentioned previously.!Documents/Content_Types.htm

OK. I am getting somewhere now.
I changed the Music folder format filename column setting from blank to fill and it seems to have stopped the need to horizontal scroll. I tried Auto, and it didn't appear to do anything.
I might experiment with the Expand and Collapse settings.

The video at the bottom of Folder Formats: Quick Guide explains what auto/expand/collapse do in detail.

Thanks. I'll watch that.
By the why. I can't find those folder options explained in the help file as depicted in this video screenshot.

It sounded like you were already using them.

Folder Options (

Thanks DesertDwarf.
I know that there is a Folder Options help section.

But the point I was trying to make is the current Folder Options page doesn't explain Auto, Expand, Collapse, Fill for column widths as pictured above. Unless I'm blind. :sunglasses:

They're explained on the Folder Options / Columns page:!Documents/FolderOptions/Columns.htm

Ah, it's under "Folder Options Dialog". I never thought it would be under there.
I was blind, but now I can see. :grinning:

Where did your screenshot above come from? I was confused because it looked like you had posted a screenshot of what you were looking for. On closer inspection, it looks like it's from an older version of the manual, which wasn't clear to me.

You can always use the manual's search tab if you can't find something.

F1 in a dialog should also open the manual on the section about the dialog, in general.

It came from the video which I found at the bottom of the Folder Formats: Quick Guide that you posted above.