How to get complete opus configuration from external drive

hello, my notebook motherboard failed, I did not do a settings
export, but I can access my old notebook drive (and have various
image backups). Is it still possible to extract the complete (sic!) opus
settings and get them onto my new notebook? I spent days configuring

thank you


Opus 9 stores its configuration in files on the disk (not in the registry) so you should be able to get your configuration back.

Where the settings are depends on your version of Windows and whether you were using Shared or Private configuration. If you've got Opus reinstalled on the new machine, type the following aliases into the Opus location field:


(There's also stuff in /dopuslocaldata but it's probably not worth worrying about; just window sizes and things like that.)

That should give you an idea of where to look for the files on your other HDD.

Hi nudel (you are a saint),

seems like it worked despite the fact I had a different account user name etc.

I copied all GPSoftware folders I could find to the analogous locations on the new disk. I did not start opus for the first time before I did this to avoid potential conflicts. I still had to enter my licence info again, which I did.

I will post problems as they occur, and will also inform the forum if it
goes all well the next days.

thanks again, nudel.

oh well, this is years later, and I'm migrating to a new pc, so I re-read this thread. fulfilling my announcement, I'm here to say: No, there were no conflicts, it all worked like a charm! I love GPSoft! :wink: