How to get explorer back?

Hi. I've just started having some inexplicable problems with Directory Opus. It's freezing up and doing strange things. I can open a lister but once in there I can't get to new places, can't move files, can't access settings, etc. I am thinking there must be corruption in the files somewhere and want to reinstall, but first I am having the following problem: I asked Dopus to replace Explorer. So now I cannot get back to Explorer, because I cannot get to the settings to tell DOpus not to replace Explorer. When I try to open windows using Explorer nothing happens. But nor can I open them with DOpus. So I can't access folders and files on my computer. Could somehow tell me how to make my computer begin using Explorer again to search folders and files, without having to go through the DOpus settings, which are inaccessible to me?

Also, I would like to save my personal user preferences for DOpus before I reinstall the program. Which files in the DOpus folder correspond to my personal user preference files? Can I just remove those before uninstalling Dopus, and put them soemwhere safe, and then copy them back into the DOpus folder after a clean install?

Thanks for your help!!

Does running Explorer.exe and then navigating around via the tree in Explorer (don't double-click any directories) work okay? If not then the problem can't be Opus but seems system-wide.

Can you get to Opus preferences via the tray icon, without opening any other Opus windows? That should let you turn off Explorer replacement mode.

The two FAQs on 100% CPU use and crashing may help you track down the problem if it does seem to affect Opus and not Explorer. From your description it sounds like Explorer is also affected, though?

Yes, I found out Explorer does work if I do it that way. It is just double clicking that doesn't work.

I can't get to DOpus settings at all, because it doesn't show up in the taskbar! It will show up for a second and then disappear. In fact now I can't even get DOpus to show up at all.

I am starting to think I should just uninstall and resintall at this point. But I do not want to lose my personal settings.

Could you tell me which files I need to remove from the folder before unsintalling to save all of my personal and custom settings?

Thanks for your help!

Are you using Zone Alarm or a similar program? Or have you been using an evaluation version for a long time? (The eval version should prompt you when it expires but there are some reports that it stops working. This can be caused by a few other things, though, like Zone Alarm or unofficial hacks.)