How to get folders added to Recent

I still pretty much of a newbie with DOpus. Just starting to get into the power of the program - it is truly awesome in its scope and customization.

There must be a way to do what I want, but after a few hours, I think it's time to post. I created a Copy file command in my right-click context menu. No problem there - works great. If I copy a file or files, then a dialogue pops up asking me where to I want to the destination to be. But the destination folder never gets added to the Recent list of the Select Destination Folder dialogue. So, if I want to move another file to the same place, I have to scroll through the list all over again.

The same thing happens if I just use Copy File from the menu. I know I could add a folder to my Favorites, but that is not a good solution as it would be a huge hassle to do for every folder I might want to revisit, and soon Favorites would be ungainly to say the least.

Any help greatly appreciated.

The list of recent folders shows the folders you've visited in a lister. Selecting them in a find-folder dialog doesn't add them to the list.

You only see the "select destination" dialog if you use a command, like Copy, which works between a source and destination, and you have no destination lister open.

In other words, open another Opus window (or turn your current window into a "dual" lister that displays two directories) and set the new window to show the destination. (This will have already added it to the recent list.) Now select the file in the original window and click copy. The file will be copied to the other window's directory (without any dialogs or prompting).

Have a look at my video tutorial on working with Multiple Listers (in the downloads section of this site) to learn more of the basics.

You may also want to read up on the Smart Favorites system in Opus since it provides similar (but different) functionality to the recent list.

Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I have played around with your suggestion and it works fine and I see that indeed using a dual display does get the destination folder added to Recent.

I have SmartFavorites enabled but I haven't really done much with them and thus no substantial benefit as of yet. But I can see that is another area that potentially offers a lot.

And I will check out the video. I am sure it will be useful.

Thank you kindly,


Sorry for reopening this old thread but the title was perfect. I can't get smartfavorites nor recent folders to display no matter what I've tried. I have smartfavorites enabled and set to a threshold of only 5 but still none appear on the folder tree. I've tried all sorts of operations with copy and move and nothing shows up under recent. What am I doing wrong?

Here's a link to a screenshot of my display:

You probably need to turn on Preferences / Listers / Folder Tree: Show SmartFavorites (tm) in the Folder Tree.

Duh! I truly love Opus but I have to admit that I could dedicate my life to learning it and never know it all. Its superb flexibility does create the problem of organizing all that information intuitively. This forum is a lifesaver though, thanks a million!