How to get HTML thumbnails in DOpus on XP :o)

Explorer already supports HTML thumbnails on XP, but it is turned off by default. To enable it, and so also enable it for DOpus, apply the following registry patch (open NotePad, paste the following text into it and save as EnableHTMLThumbnails.reg, then double-click it):





Then enable "Prefs->Listers->Thumbnails->Use shell image extraction for formats Opus does not understand" in DOpus.

Easy. Thumbnails will now be generated for HTML files (ie. with .html, .htm, .url extensions).

NOTE: This might work on other OS's (eg. Win2000) but I cannot be sure since I've only got XP.

I get HTML thumbnails without having to make the registry settings (provided Shell Image Extraction in Opus Preferences is enabled, as you say).

I'm using Win XP Pro with the latest patches. I don't remember turning on anything which might make the equivalent registry changes but I seem to get them for free, either way.

Maybe I hadn't noticed it before, and it is in fact already set up by default.

nudel, are the 3 registry keys already set up on your system, as per my first post ?

Just had a look and yep, they are.

Next time I do a re-installation of XP Home, I'll check them myself and report back here.

Maybe it's been enabled all along... :blush:

Thanks a lot for this. While I had it on the Laptop (XP Home/SP2) I did miss it on the workhorse (XP Pro/SP2). Now it works :slight_smile: