How to get real folder path without lib://

It's just the way it works. Is there a reason you can't use the existing command? It's hardly a "workaround" - surely a simple command (which you can assign to a hotkey or put on a button on the main toolbar if it's something you use a lot) is easier than clicking in the path field and pressing Ctrl-C?

I see your point, and I will create a button to do just that. It will be faster then copying the path, I prob should have done that in the past before libraries as i do find i copy paths a bit.

However I do feel it makes Dopus a little harder to use, it's not overly intuitive. I suspect a new user having come from Explorer would expect it to work the same and I don't understand why it wouldn't, they would also not know about the menu command. Hence I was curious why display the lib:// path to the user, I don't understand what anyone would do with it, esp given it can confuse Dopus. And though you have mentioned that its just how it works it (not knowing how its coded) seems like an easy thing to change. When displaying the path if not the root of a library display the exact path. Then again things are never as easy as they seem.


We'll have a look and see if it's easy to change although I think it would be a bit odd, since if you clicked in the path and then pressed return you'd end up in the real folder rather than in the library.

Explore partially manages to handle that scenario. It seems to check the folders and stays in the library if the current folder is the same as or the parent/grandparent of the one you are going to.

That doesn't make a lot of sense to me since you might want to go to the real folder (or parent) by pasting its path in, and with that setup you'd have to go to some other folder first before being able to paste the path.

It's also weird for the same (non-relative) path string to take you to different places depending on where you start from.