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How to get scrolling in both panels of comparison results simultaneously

I beg your pardon if this issue is already in some other forum, I could not find a nearby answer to my question.
I am using the Synchronize utility panel, and after I clicked on the Compare button, (two-way copy mode, Sync left-to-right), I have two vertical panels with the comparison results (files and folders ticked on both vertical panels).
My purpose is to compare files and folder by using my eyes, to determine which files to delete manually, synchronize or keep.
My question is, what I have to do if I want to browse scrolling my files and my backup files (different locations) simultaneously (scrolling up and down in both panels at the same time) in the two vertical panels? :confused:

There isn't currently a way to sync scroll positions of two file displays, sorry. (It would probably also need to add gaps where a file on one side is missing from the other.)

We may expand the Synchronize tool (and also Navigation Lock, which could benefit from this idea as well) in the future, but if you need this kind of functionality now, I'd recommend integrating a dedicated diff/merge tool into Opus. WinMerge is a good, free option. Beyond Compare is a very good, inexpensive option and what I use personally. (There are lots of others, of course.) Both can be easily integrated into Opus so that you can launch them at the click of a button to compare files of entire folder trees across two file displays:

[ul][li]"Smart" front end for Beyond Compare[/li]
[li]External Compare and Merge Tools[/li][/ul]

You can scroll both panels simultaneously using the mousewheel by holding down the Alt key, however it's not perfect as they will get out of sync if they don't have the same number of files in them.

Thanks for both suggestions. I will try with the supplementary programs while by now I will use the mousewheel + Alt key alternative option to meet my current needs.
Thanks a lot and kind regards.

Alt+Mousewheel is new to me, interesting! o)
On my system though, panels get out of sync even if they show the same folder (files/folders absolutely the same amount).