How to get swf files to work in Win 7?

In XP i could show swf files in the viewer, but here it tries to install something from the internet (in IE, what is started in the process), like there is no flasplayer installed or something. Is there an easier way to have the swf files shown besides of the IE/download thing? Maybe some standalone install to avoid hassle with Sandboxie?

You need the Flash-player ActiveX control (the Flash-player for IE, in other words) installed to be able to play Flash files in Opus.

Oh, sorry, that was simple. I thought, i had the standalone version already installed (perhaps through the sandboxed routine & it fails afterwards?). Anyway, a new install & flash works now, thank you!

If the Flash player was installed within Sandboxie then it won't have written the registry settings that tell ActiveX hosts (like IE and Opus's viewer) that it exists. :slight_smile:

(At least if my memory of what Sandboxie does is correct.)