How to get the file name w/o extension in Rename panel

Hello... new user here. I am VERY excited to have discovered this file manager!

However, I am having a little trouble with something I am sure is easy once I figure it out: I have a list of files whose names consist of random numbers, such as 701.jpg, 843.jpg, 684.jpg I would like to select them all, take them into Rename and tell it to rename them as 701_{title}.jpg (701, of course being the number of the first one; each subsequent file would be its own 'number'_{title}) and the {title} is a person's name listed in the Properties/Details.

I tried using {name}_{title} in the rename box, but I keep getting the return of 701.jpg_John Public.jpg

Is there another metadata tag that should be used to mean filename without extension? Or is there some setting I should tweak to tell DOpus that I don't want the extension included? I notice that there is a checkbox in the Rename options that says "Include extensions" but it is greyed out, unchecked and I don't understand its purpose if the extensions pop up anyway. (And I would rather not turn off seeing file extensions; that is a severe pet peeve with me that Windows comes with them off by default. It is the first thing I change upon installing the OS!)

I would have to agree with the person who wrote in the Wish List of Dear Opus that the Rename panel would be more like BetterFileRename (it comes for Windows, too. But it would be simply awesome to have that power in this interface as well!) Thanks again for such a great file manager!

Here's one way to do it, using wildcards:

Thanks... I should have remembered 'wild cards' from the search box. Here's hoping there will continue to be improvements to the Rename box, but this will get the trick done for the time being. I am looking forward to having some time to really dig into this program. Looks like it could become one of my 'can't compute withouts'