How to get the GUI popuout list like the Undo List item in the toolbar

On standard tool bars, you get a popout menu that lists all the Undo Operations that you can do under the menu item Undo List with the function Undo LIST. How could I achieve something like this with scripting?

Scripts can display their own pop-up menus. (Example: Open calc.exe in a specific mode via menu or arg.)

They can't currently add dynamic menus/sub-menus into Opus toolbars, however. So you would have to have a fixed menu item (or hotkey, button, etc.) that triggers the script and makes it display its own pop-up menu.

Ah. No dynamic menus... Perhaps that could be something implemented in the future?

Anyway, are there any similar menus that are created in JScript? I just learned JScript (the basics at least) and I don't know vbs at all. If there are none, I will try to slowly convert it over to JScript then.

I'm not sure, but most of the details are the same between JScript and VBScript, at least for what the example is doing.

Aside from some () and ; and { } instead of "Then" and "Else", everything else is pretty much identical in this case.