How to get the Listers to retain their last setup

Hello all,

I am VERY new to Directory Opus 9; in fact, I only looked at it for the first time two days ago. I am only starting to realise its potential just now.

I would prefer to view my files, with a file tree on the left and the folder contents on the right in one or maybe two windows, but I like the folder content items to appear as Tiles or maybe Large Icons. I go into View menu and tick Folder Tree and Tiles. However, the next time I restart D Opus, it reverts back to the default layout with Details instead of Tiles and no Folder Tree.

How can I make it remember my last layout and retain that as my default?

I have Directory Opus ver. and Windows 7 64 Bit.

Thanks everyone.

P.S. HEY! Mr Perry lives just around the block from me! :slight_smile:

Belay that last question everyone. I just found the option in my Preferences setup! Sorry!

Read through the FAQs, there's plenty of information there, in particular an article detailing Folder Formats.