How to Go back both in the source and destination pane


I'd like to have a button to go Back both in the source and destination folder.

It would be nice to have that button to be able to go back when slave tabs go out of sync.

Go TABLINK=off,slave
Go BACK inleft ???
Go BACK inright ???
Go TABLINK=on,slave

Thanks for your help

Using a small script is probably the best way, since then you have explicit control over which tab each command runs in.

In pseudocode:

cmd.RunCommand("Go TABLINK=off,slave"); cmd.RunCommand("Go BACK"); cmd.SetSourceTab(right folder tab); cmd.RunCommand("Go BACK"); cmd.RunCommand("Go TABLINK=on,slave");

The script could also check if the tabs are actually linked and just do a normal Go BACK if they aren't.

You could probably do it without using a script, by swapping source/dest between commands, but it's messier (the file display border may flicker from the two changes, and you couldn't add any extra logic to make it more intelligent when the tabs were not linked).

Thanks for your help Leo.

This does not work at all

Go TABLINK=off,slave Go BACK Go SWAP Go BACK Go SWAP Go TABLINK=on,slave
Don't know what i'm doing wrong...

In your code

cmd.SetSourceTab(right folder tab);

what should i put to target the current source tab then the current destination tab ?