How to go to folder tree with keyboard?

in dual display mode with shared folder tree the behaviour of the tab-key is different, in that it cycles only through the two lister panes, leaving out the address bar and folder tree. Is there a way to shift the focus to the folder tree with the keyboard? I tried looking for an appropriate command but only found show/hide folder tree. The tab key does not seem to go through the customize->keys mechanism anyway.

You can use the command

Set FOCUS=Tree

to make a hotkey which gives focus to the tree tied to the active file display. (You can also make explicit keys for the left/top and right/bottom trees if you want.)

I'm not sure if there's a way to change the Tab key to cycle through everything. You can override the Tab key's meaning but I don't know if there's a command to do what you want.

Thank you very much. Using this mechanism (and source/dest instead of tree) I now have exact control over where the focus goes, in dual as well as single mode. In fact, it works better than tab because it is stateless; I do not need to know where I am in order to work out which key to press to get where I want to be.

I have assigned Shift-Tab to Set focus=tree, tab to set focus=source, and Ctrl-Tab to set focus=dest. Works very naturally.

For future reference: my original complaint was caused by having the "use tab key to switch source/destination in dual display listers"-option ticked