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How to Group by Filename's Seasons



I'm needing some help, if someone could please help with.

I'm trying to use Playfuls RegexColumnReloaded Script to create grouping by seasons, where it gets the seasons from the filename. Example names:

Show Name - s00e01 - Show Title.ext
Show Name - s01e01 - Show Title.ext
Show Name - s20e01 - Show Title.ext

I was hoping to build groups (when in flatview) based off of the s00, s01, s20 in the filenames.

Is Playful's scrip a good starting point? If it is, I can't figure out the regex/code needed to pull the "s00" parts and build the groups from.

Really appreciate it if someone could help me.



I think I finally figured this out with the help of and wowbaggers wonderful Regexp Column script

Thank you wowbagger and the others who contributed to this wonderful script.

I'm sure someone will suggest a more efficient way this could be written, but here is what I got working:

\ - [Ss]([0-9]{2})


You can also do it using labels and alternating background colors:

Even seasons: S\d(0|2|4|6|8)E\d\d
Odd seasons: S\d(1|3|5|7|9)E\d\d




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That's actually what I was using before:


But I feel your regexp is better than the non-regexp I was using.


Thanks for sharing that, Leo.

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Updated my column regex. I kind of like this one more [Ss](\d\d)[Ee]\d\d

I'm learning.