How to hide .url extension

I want to hide the .url file extension like the .ink can be.

Don't think so man...

Like the .ink can be?

If you want to hide file extensions, then you can but what the heck is the .ink reference?

Pardon me for being dense, but it's getting late and I'm not very bright when it's getting late.

Well, obviously this is a typo error. The correct extension in .lnk .
DOpus can control the filename column display of the lnk extension under
Preferences --> File Operations --> Shortcuts .
The checkbox "Hide the 'lnk' filename extension" controls this.

All extensions can be hidden under the Folder Format Options,
but what BarKeep1701 really wants is the url extension hidden.

The only thing I could think of was to add a new extension to the URL FileType of just .
That's . nothing .
At least the dot won't show up in the filename display.
I don't recommend this answer though.
There are other files that use this extension, HP calculator files for instance.

Perhaps the best answer is to file a DOpus Feature Request .

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Another obvious typo:

I should think that the correct extension IS .lnk :smiley:


Hi Chris,

You got me ! But you missed an even more blatant mistake.
I should have said the extension "nothing" , NOT .nothing.
I know better, as I've written at least two command line programs that handle this situation.

I guess I got confused when I renamed a file to no extension and left the dot.
The dot disappeared from the display and I assumed that it was still there.

However, the dot seems to be needed in the FileType definition.
I have an example working now.

That's what I get for typing in the dark on my I-Rocks luminescent keyboard I guess.

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