How to insert pauses in a simple multiple “Go” button?

The setup: I have multiple disk drives with identical folder structures. These folders all have customized, non-Windows icons. When I try to access a folder on any of these drives (when doing a file copy operation, for example), It takes awhile for Windows to load the icons of the target folder, and all of the icons in folders above the target folder.

I have a toolbar button with the following commands:

Go "D:\"
Go "E:\'"
Go "F:\"
Go "G:\"
Go "H:\"
Go "I:\"

The purpose of this button is to make Windows go to Drive D first (Go "D:\"), load the folder icons, then move on to the next drive, do the same, etc, in order to load icons into the Windows icon cache. Sometimes Directory Opus processes the commands too quickly for the icons to load, so some drives/folders don't get a chance to load their icons.

Is there a way to insert a pause in between each command, so Windows has a chance to finish loading the icons of a particular drive, before moving on to the next drive? The pauses can be say, 5 seconds or any user chosen delay time. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Scripting has a delay function. You may also be able to use DOpus.LoadThumbnail to trigger loading a folder's icon directly, without having to open the folder at al, although I haven't verified that and couldn't test if it helps in the situation you're looking at.

Having a single folder with shortcuts to the things you want icons loaded for would also work.

If physical HDDs are involved, the issue might be that they are spinning down.

OK, I'll do some reading now, thanks.