How to keep selection and viewport after manual refresh?

Each time I call "Go REFRESH=source" the state of the current tab is lost (viewport scrolls up and all files are deselected).

Is there any option to keep the state of the tab to survive a manual refresh?

If want new files (e.g. on a remote server) to just appear when doing a manual refresh (similar as it works on local file systems when files are created externally).

Thanks in advance!

There's no way to do that; forcing the folder to be re-read will reset the scroll position and selections.

If new files aren't showing up automatically on the network drive then the server probably isn't configured to send change notifications properly (often a problem with Linux/Samba-based network drives).

Most times I observe these problem (non-appearing files) when using shared folders of VMware Workstation. If I mount a shared folder within the guest (win7) and I copy a new file to the shared folder on the host (win7) the file doesn't appear in DOpus (running in the guest).