How to make a simple select?

Since i use Ctrl-left/right/up/down for other navigating functions, i have problem to select items.

Currently i use

select next
select previous

to select a focussed item, but it always will deselect all other items, even when placing nodeselect in different places.

Ist there a way to plainly select a focussed item without deselecting all others?

You can do this by holding Ctrl and left click afaik

Well thanks, but i only want to use the keyboard. Something like "select focussed item".

If you've moved the focus using control+cursor keys, you can simply press the space bar to select the focused item.

Yes, i know that, but i changed that key to toggle listers, because it´s very handy, it´s easy to quickly hit that large button with either the left or right hand, without much aiming :slight_smile:

My current workaround is to hold down Ctrl & Alt, then the Space bar works as ususal. Maybe it´s an idea to add an argument to select just the currently focussed item?