How to make context menu pop up faster

Are there any tweaks you can recommend to cause the file and folder context menu open up faster?

Yes, turn on Preferences, Miscellaneous, Windows Integration, Hide Windows items on file context menus which will hide all the 3rd party (not just Windows) items which are what it takes so long to query and generate.

See here for info on how to add back just the menu items you want to keep, as well as how to move the others to a submenu so you've still got them but they don't slow down the main menu.

I'll consider tweaking the number of items in my top-level context menu, though I am bit spoiled with my current choices.

Anyway, I found a tip in another place about this. Someone suggestted setting menushowdelay’ in the registry from the default of 400 to something lower. I'm trying 25 right now. If you search through the registry, you'll find this setting in multiplaces.

I don't believe the 'menushowdelay' setting affects context menu's - I think it affects the Start->Programs folder menus... IF not I still don't think they will affect Opus rendering of the context menus :frowning:.

It's worth a try. I don't know if Opus uses the metric or not but it might.