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How to make pop-up drive change menu like in total commander

Hi to everybody! DOpus's cool! I wonder how to make drive change menu like total commander has - when yyou press alt+f1 you get popup menu of available drives and select location. this is very convinient thing.


If you want it to be keyboard driven then your best bet is to create a new menu on the menu bar (or add to an existing one) and put the Go-DriveButtons command in it. This will turn into a list of drives, and it has options to filter by type or drive letters, as well as to display icons or different kinds of labels.

If you put an & before one of the letters in the menu's name you can pop it open using Alt and the menu's letter.

Have a look at the Toolbar editing video tutorial for an easy way to see how to set up the Go-DriveButtons command and to get a handle on toolbar/menu editing in general.

It's also possible to create a menu which pops up from other hotkeys (e.g. Alt-F1 as you mention) and isn't part of the menu bar or a toolbar. At the moment, though, the problem with doing this, in combination with commands like Go-DriveButtons which generate a list automatically, is that the menu will stay open after you select a drive.

And it doesn't put the focus in it either, which kinda kills the whole keyboard driven experience :slight_smile:

Another way of doing something reasonably similar is to map the following command to alt-F1:
and to alt-F2:

This will display a path entry bar at the bottom of the app, in which you'll be able to type the letter (or path) that you want to go to, and hit enter to go there.

Granted, you don't see the drive list, and it needs an additional enter keystroke compared to TC. But it works for me. Until they do implement a new spawn toolbar mode that will put the focus in it & hide it once the user selected an action from it, that is.
I'm still hoping for that one (no answers from my feature request yet though)

Just to clarify, using a menu and a & in the name to make an alt-X shortcut does put the focus in the menu. It's just the other method (a true pop-up menu on a hotkey) which doesn't.

Thanks! Great! :smiley:
I've tried both methods. Both work perfect.
But I stayed on making menu on a toolbar - and I inserted GO C:, GO D:\ items to it each with a hotkey.

Works perfect when I want to change drive on current lister. When I wanna change path of the neighbour lister - I use ALT+F2 or F1 made as zeflash wrote.

:smiley: Thanks guys!. :smiley:

If you don't mind manually making buttons for each of your drives (the Go-DriveButtons command does this automatically and dynamically as new drives are added/removed) then you could probably add a second line to the buttons which closes the toolbar as well.