How to make subfolder have different view/sort on one tab?

or how to fix a fold's sort/view?

a example is F:\HH
I want to make disk_F use list when fold_HH use Thumbnails, or disk_F use sorted by filename when folder_HH use sorted by date and time. But they always use the same config.
If I change it, the other all fold in this tab would all changed.
how to make the change only effect one fold?

From the menus in the main window: Folder > Folder Options (“Folder Format” in Opus 13). Then click Save and choose the option to save a format for that folder.

it's no use. If I saved in this way, all flolder in this tab would changed to this type.

is it the reason that I,m just the light edition version?

Formats saved for a path won't affect other paths.

However, the act of changing how the tab looks will temporarily persist in that tab, which may be what you're seeing. It's always best to test new saved (vs temporary) formats in a new window to avoid that interfering with things.

If you find it still doesn't work, the format lock might be on.

thanks, problem solved when I turn off the format lock.
seems I misunderstand the lock that I think it would keep the type I saved would not changed, but it would make all folder in one tab locked to one type in fact.

By the way one more new qestion ------------- how to make some folder automatically use one format, just like one folder have most images then it would automatically use Thumbnails.
Or a new null subfolder created in a specific folder then it would automatically use Thumbnails.

The format lock prevents the current format from changing when you change folders. It locks the tab to the current format.

Content Type formats can be used to automatically switch to thumbnails if a folder has lots of images.

Wildcard Path formats can match all subfolders under a given path.