How to open a branch/subfolder of the Favorites Menu?


I've got a toolbar at the bottom of my Opus window that just consists of one button with the "Favorites" function.
This creates a button for each of the top most items in my Favorites tree and I can also via the Favorites editor assign a keyboard shortcut to the favorites that I use most...

But how might you suggest creating a keyboard shortcut for navigating to items in a Favorites subfolder?

If you rename the favorites branch and put a & before one of the characters, it will function the same as other menu labels, where pushing alt + the key (or alt, then the key) will activate the menu for that branch.

The Favorites command also lets you specify a particular branch to generate as a menu, if you want to add only particular branches to menus which are triggered in some other way:

Favorites PATH "*Cat Photo Bookmarks"

That worked great. Thanks Leo! :slight_smile: