How to open a map network FTP folder in the current lister - source?

I am on Windows 7 and DO12.
I have some FTP sites and map as network drives.
When double click these FTP map network drive, it always open in the new dual lister.
I would like to open in the current source lister.

BTW, The normal map network drive (Tid-PC) work well. It open in the current source lister.

I think that is fixed in 12.9.2 beta:

  • Fixed problem that meant when an FTP folder was added to favorites and selected from the Favorites branch in the tree the folder would open in a new Lister (or even an external program depending on your settings)

It's not happening for me using that version, at least.

I did notice a remaining issue where the FTP site gets listed under the This PC branch of the tree, with some additional quirks as a result, which I've just fixed for the next update. FTP sites opened via those shortcuts will now expand in the FTP section of the tree.

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