How to open Dialog for a user command?


Do you know how to open a dialog for a user command?

What I want to do is to ask for confirmation before executing some user command (this command moves files to some folder).

Is it also possible to ask something to the user (ie, a destination folder, a file name, etc.) and use this information later in the user command?

Thank you

Hello ranma172,

This DOpus Resource Centre Thread may shed some light.

In this perhaps unfortunate case, it seems that the author of the thread abandoned DOpus.

To answer both your questions at once, Yes, it can be done.
However a specific command line program would have to be written.

But it's important to keep in mind that DOpus has much more to offer.
A simple Copy Move As also will generate a confirmation dialog.
However, I presume you are looking for a general solution more specific to the problem.


For external commands you can use the {dlg...} codes described in the manual in the External Command Control Codes chapter near the end.

Thank you porcupine, I'm going to reply in that thread.