How to open root directories in a new tab via context menu?


I find it very useful that when right-clicking on a folder I get an additional context menu entry that allows me to open this folder in a new tab. What I am missing is this entry when I right-click on a drive/partition (e.g. M:). I have many partitions on my computer and would like to open these in new tabs via the context menu. Is this possible with DOpus 9?


I don't think Opus has much control over the way My Computer works, but you could set up a button command like:

[code]Go OPENINDEST DRIVEBUTTONS=cdrom,removable,fixed,labels,multifunc,hideempty

// Note the multifunc argument determines if the drive will
// open in left or right or a new lister pane.[/code]

The above is literally a copy and paste of one of my button commands so you would need to alter it for your own needs. For example multifunctabs is an argument you might want.