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How to organize Folder Groups

How do i organize Folder groups.

If you have a lot of folder gourps it is difficult to find the wright one fast. Is it possible to Make a a directory structure within folder groups? Any suggestion on how to organize folder groups are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

(I presume you mean Folder Tab Groups; sorry if I've gone off in the wrong direction!)

Since folder tab groups are sorted alphabetically, you could simply use prefixes on the names to put them into some kind of order.

If you want them in nested menus, instead of a the auto-generated flat list, then you can do it but it requires making the menus by hand. A menu item which runs Go TABGROUPLOAD="xyz" will open the xyz group, for example.

The last option you suggest with the tab group so i get menu's that what i want. I have tried but iis does not work yet. Could you give me a step by step instruction how to this. Thanks in advance.

Check out the Toolbar Editing tutorial video.

Thanks for the link for the tutorial. This tutorials gives some information. While i understand learning about dopus is a good thing. At the moment i want to tacke a specifific problem. And the tutorial does not give me a direct answer to my question. So the question remains.

If you want them in nested menus, instead of a the auto-generated flat list, then you can do it but it requires making the menus by hand

Leo could you or anybody else give me info how to make this work?

You make a bunch of toolbar buttons which run Go TABGROUPLOAD="xyz" where xyz is the name of the group.

The video shows how to make toolbar buttons. It's only a few minutes long.

The only thing the video doesn't show is how to create sub-menus, but that's done in a similar way to creating new buttons: When in Customize mode, right-click the toolbar or menu and select New -> New Menu.

(Creating new buttons is done using New -> New Button in Customize mode. You then right-click the new button and choose Edit, type the command into it, click OK... You can drag it to wherever you want it. Not much more to it.)

tanks for the info i did watch the tutorial and i will do what you said. I am thank you for your help. I am sure i will figure it out.

Thanks !!

I did figure it out. But i wonder is there a possibility to ad the groups i made.

Bottem screen right click groups. To the folders i allready have there. So that a i have a minu there?

Thanks in advance.

A button with Go TABGROUPLIST=icons (the =icons part is optional)[/b] will turn into a menu of your folder tab groups but it'll be the same menu you get by default.

There's no way to say "show me a menu of all the extra tabs that aren't mentioned in these other buttons I made by hand."