How to paste a document into many folders at once


Well, that's the question. Whenever I try it I can only paste into the first folder of the subselected set.

Is it possible? :question:

I might be confused but I just copied a file with Ctrl-C and then pasted into one dir with Ctrl-V, and then a second dir with Ctrl-V again and it worked fine.

I don't think there is a way to copy to multiple folders at once in a single operation, but you can make life easier by creating a toolbar button with this command:


You can then use the button to copy the selected files/folders to the destination file list. After the copy completes the files will still be selected (that's what the 2nd line does) and you can then change the destination directory and click the button again.

Thanx for your answer.
Well, of course that classical way works, but I'm confronting a scenario where I have to copy the same 3 files to ~100 folders ...

With the button option (I really like button options :smiley: ) U have to click 100 times for the dest folder + 100 times the button + 1 time for initial select = 201 actions

With the classical option you have to do 1 first select+ 1 first ctrl_c + 100 dest selections or cursor movements + 100 ctrl_v = 202 actions

So both cases move in the same order of magnitude.

I think it would be a good idea for a new feature in dopus if it is really not possible now without a more complex solution (like scripting). I would post it in "request new features" if that goes to somewhere ... :unamused: After all, "mass-actions" is one of the pluses of dopus.


Easiest thing you can do right now is to copy all the destination paths to the clipboard (Clipboard Copynames) and then make a temporary Opus button with Copy commands for each directory, e.g.:

Copy TO="C:\Blah\Dir1"
Copy TO="C:\Blah\Dir2"
Copy TO="C:\Blah\Dir3"

If you use TextPad or another editor which can record and playback macros then you can create all the lines really quickly based on the list of folder paths that Opus will provide for you.