How to preview extension-less image files?

A program stores gif files without extension. Therefore Directory Opus shows the default white file icon for these files.

From time to time, I need to go to this folder and browse the images. How can Directory Opus help me in this situation?

Is it possible that for this specific folder, Directory Opus treats all files as having extension .gif, or for this specific folder, Directory Opus invoke image preview handler for all files?

The screenshot shows the folder and its content. It's weird that only one of these extension-less files has image preview. I want a way to have all these files to have previews.

The extension shouldn't matter for gif files on a local drive.

Are you sure the ones that don't preview are really gif files? Do they preview if you rename them?

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hmmm, turns out only this file is in gif format.. ok, never mind, thanks!