How to proper use of Copy COPYDESC=no etc

How to copy files with tags, labels and comments from source
to destination without tags, labels, comments?
When I use:
the copied fieles will only lose the labels, but not tags, and comments...
What I make wrong?

TIA and regards

It may depend on the type(s) of files involved.

The copy command arguments (and settings in Preferences) are there for performance reasons only, to allow you to skip copying metadata that is stored outside of the main file data, which can take time to check and copy. (A small amount of time per file, but it adds up to a lot when copying thousands of small files, so it is not always wanted.)

If the tags or comments are stored inside the file's main data, as is sometimes the case with music and video formats, then they will always be copied and would need to be explicitly cleared if you do not want them.

Thank You Leo !!! :slight_smile:
Now I understand. I wanted to copy pictures...
Copying Folders works OK