How to put drives in folder tree (SOLVED)


Just saw a nice & clear video on youtube by ThioJoe ( Replace Windows File Explorer With Something Better - YouTube) about dopus.

I was wondering how this list of drives in his folder tree was achieved:

At the top of Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents, select Start Folder Tree At... Drives.

Many thanks!
(reminds me of the amount of time I spend looking for the option to start explorer in "This PC")

I feel ya. That must be the #1 question everyone starts off with. It's so logical, yet so counterintuitive. :sweat_smile:

Update: I found the setting, but now when I select a file on my NAS the drives dissapear on the folder tree and are replaced by the desktop version or the network. Can I stop this from happening?

No, if the current folder is excluded from the folder tree, the Start In value will change temporarily so that it can be shown. Otherwise, it couldn't be shown at all.

If you want a quick way to access all your drive letters which is always there, adding Go DRIVEBUTTONS to a toolbar is the best way. (It has various options to customize how it looks.) The Drives toolbar that comes with Opus has a pre-made example.

Ok thanks, maybe an optonal sepate entry for the network in the folder tree would stop this from happening (feature request).