How to Refresh Menu from the context menu?

Hello, Is it possible to add the "Refresh All" command or "Refresh" command to the context menu? If so, will someone please explain how to do it?
Thank you for your time.

Which context menu do you have in mind? i.e. What do you want to right-click to see the refresh option?

Hi Leo!
for instance, If i have my docs folder open and i delete a file or something, I just wondered if I could right click and refresh, rather than clicking the toolbar refresh button. I guess I have so many buttons, that it seems as if it would be faster for it to be in the context menu. Does that make sense at all? Thank you

You shouldn't need to refresh at all after deleting a file.

If the file looks like it is still there (for more than a second or so) and you need to do a manual refresh before it goes, see here:

i changed one of the preferances and will see how it goes. THANK YOU again for your assistance!!!