How to remove ADMINISTRATOR from title bar?

After installing Directory Opus v11.6.3 BETA, the title bar now displays ADMINISTRATOR - how do I remove ADMINISTRATOR from the title bar?

NOTE: This is not a regular Administrator account, it is the hidden "Super Administrator" account, which is created using this command:

Net user administrator /active:yes

See Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator under UAC, and the section Quick test to see if Opus is running elevated.

Using the instructions there, please see what Task Manager shows in the Elevated column for both dopus.exe and all copies of explorer.exe in the list. Do they all say yes, or all say or no, or is it a mixture of yes & no?

Both Explorer.exe and dopus.exe are running elevated. I only have 1 instance of Explorer.exe showing in Task Manager.

The shortcut that launches Directory Opus does not have the Run this program as an administrator checked (enabled). None of the Properties for the dopus.exe files have it checked either. Because I am running the Super Administrator account, and not a "normal" Administrator account, all of the processes running on my system are elevated. Yes, I know that's not advisable, but I have reasons... Thanks for any help you can give me.

That makes sense. We've improved how we detect things to account for build-in admin accounts when UAC is set to not apply to them. That will be part of the next update.

11.16.4 (beta) has the change. Please let us know if you still see the titlebar change on your setup, but I think it should be back to how it was now.

It's fixed! Thank you.

Hi, and first of all, thank you for a program I couldn't picture life without (and why would you even want that) :slight_smile:

The question isn't resolved: How DO you remove that prefix when a) you're running DOpus as admin, and b) you would like not to have the taskbar title obscured by that fact you're already aware of?
(This should be optional while possibly true by default)

I've tweaked my security policies under Win 10 to just about work out for me (although I still abhor Win 10 for the atrocities it forces upon administrators) and set DOpus to run as admin - which results in the "ADMINISRATOR: " prefix permanently being displayed (in all caps, no less).
Now, where does it come from? Can it be modified (i.e. removed)? Is there a switch somewhere where you can choose to turn it off?

Thank you wonderful people in advance!

If UAC is enabled for the computer and account you are using, then you should not run Opus as admin under UAC. The message in the titlebar is there to remind you that you're running Opus in an unsupported way which will break certain things.

You should not normally need to run Opus as admin, since Opus supports UAC elevation itself, and also has an admin mode that lets you keep a window elevated without multiple UAC prompts.

The warning will go away by itself if you either run Opus normally or disable UAC for the machine or account you are using. More details are in the guide I linked to.