How to Remove From Collection in Find Results

If I do a Find Files in a collection, when the results show up, if I do Remove From Collection on an item on that list, it removes it from the find results collection. I want to remove it from the original collection where I did the search in, how to do that? I don't want to go into the original collection because it is very long.

I think a Remove From Collection where you can choose from which collection is necessary.

You mean when searching on search results? You'd normally have to go back to the original search results if those are what you want to modify.

You might be able to do it via commands, at least if you don't care about the issue of multiple files with the same name being in the same collection.

Keeping the original collection open rather than closing it would be what I would do. You can open the results for the meta-search in a new tab, dual file display, or separate window.

I mean searching in a simple collection that I have made myself. I have made a collection manually myself with 1000 items inside. I want to search an item in it and remove it quickly. We need a nested Remove From Collection.

Remove From Collection
-> Find Results
-> Collection A

Collection A is the collection where I did the search inside. Maybe the default behavior for Remove From Collection should be to remove from the original (Collection A) and add an extra Remove From Results item.