How to rename a file with a string preceding the new name?

Probably the diehard DO users will solve this in about 2 seconds. Alas, I am not one of them...

I have a bunch of files, say:

I would like to rename them by putting something before the file name, so, for instance:
Myfiles - Somefile.txt
Myfiles - Anotherfile.txt
Myfiles - Onemorefile.txt

Question: how do I get this "Myfiles - " thingy in front of my new filenames with DO's File Rename facility? If it has something to do with regex, plllllease be patient: regex's look like a Bulgarian translation of Chinese to me...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Select files, hit Rename button.

Old Name: *
New Name: Myfiles - *

Thanks, MrC, it works - and I should have thought about that myself.

Here's another way..

Regards, AB

No problem. But don't forget this little guy...