How to rename files from parent 1 folder name with Sequential number

I Want to create a button for rename some files.
I have a folder in drive D:\parent 0\parent 1
in the "parent 1" Folder, I have Some files like
file 1.mp3
file 2. mp4
file 3.pdf
I want to rename all the files in a single click with this button like
parent 1 (1).mp3
parent 1 (2).mp4
parent 1 (3).pdf
How to do so?

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Rename FROM * TO "{parent} ([#])" IGNOREEXT NUMBER

brilliant job dear Jon. you code is done 100% as I want. Thank you so much

hi dear Jon, This code fill my want 100%. But the button I created with this code is always show active. I want the button only show active when I select any file or folder, otherwise the button will show not active or Hide. Is there any way to do so?

Add @disablenosel or @hidenosel before the code.
Look at Modifier help page.

Thank you so much AlbatorV